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New to Alcoholics Anonymous?

The Unfortunates Group is here to help.

Like you, we all had lots of questions. "What is AA?" "Why am I here?" "What's wrong with me?" "Why do I need a sponsor?" Just to name a few. We found answers to those questions and so many more here in Alcoholics Anonymous.

To help answer some of your questions we have pulled together some resources for you to start with.


"Yet it is our great hope that all of those who have as yet found no answer may begin to find one in the pages of this book and will presently join us on the high road to a new freedom."
- P XXI, Alcoholics Anonymous 

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who come together to solve their drinking problem.

Is A.A. for You?

Twelve questions only you can answer


A Newcomer Asks
Straightforward answers to 15 questions that those new to Alcoholics Anonymous frequently ask about getting sober in A.A.

A Brief Guide to A.A.

Using simple language, this pamphlet offers general information on Alcoholics Anonymous, covering topics such as symptoms of alcoholism, the Twelve Steps...

This Is A.A.
An introduction to A.A.: describes who A.A.s are and what they have learned about alcoholism. 

Questions and Answers on Sponsorship
Uses shared A.A. experience to answer 34 questions likely to be asked by persons seeking sponsors, persons wanting to be sponsors, and groups planning sponsorship activity.


Alcoholics Anonymous - The Big Book
Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as the “Big Book,” presents the A.A. program for recovery from alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous - Literature Listing 
In our materials, you can find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous, its history, and how it works.

The Unfortunates Meetings

Open Discussion Meeting
When: Monday - Sunday 

7:00 - 8:00 AM

Where: ZOOM

Open Big Book Study
When: Thursday 

7:00 - 8:00 PM

Where: ZOOM

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